DAVID WEGMAN at Le Select St Barths and Academy of the Lost Arts in Maine

Most people on St john, St Barths, and  Key West know David Wegmen. He is hard to miss in his handmade clothing and on his handmade scarp sailing boat and dingies.

David has been designing T- Shirts for Le Select for years. This is his studio above Le Select . Wander up the staircase in the morning and you most likely will find David whittling away at some project. Go HERE to buy originals and prints directly from David.

Over the years I have bought some of Davids Art. He made my first website logo and card when I returned back to the states. Dead on Hudson valley architecture and sailboat drawing. He should know he rowed down the river with his two girls for a summer. 

During the Summer David is in Maine on his island at the Academy of the Lost Arts. Go there for inspiration, art lessons or to enjoy an Air B and B tent experience. You will walk away buzzing with idea's and a doing attitude!